We are an overseas-funded enterprise. We are manufacturer and had been in this industry for more than 17 years, with more than 9 years export experience. We design machines by ourselves with advanced technology. Appearance just a part of machine, Service and quality is more important than it.

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    We can suggest customer the most suitable machine according to their formula, Raw material. Manufacturing- Installation- Training- Maintenance- Technical Support. We can introduce you supplier of raw material, bottles, labels etc. We could take you to our customer’s factory to learn how they produce. We could customize machines according to your real need, We could send our engineer to your factory to install machines and train your worker of Operation and maintenance. Any more requests. Just let us know.

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              We could offer various kinds of machines and whole production line.

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                  (1) Cream, paste bet365 horse,

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                      • In cosmetic industry: face cream, body cream, washing cream,vaseline etc
                      • In food industry industry: sauce, ketchup, tomato paste, mayonnaise, mustard, chocolate etc
                      • In chemical industry:welding paste,ink, paint,pigment etc.

                      Production line for them: RO water treatment- vacuum emulsifying machine- storage tanks- filling machine-capping machine- labeling machine- conveyor belt- inkjet printer- sealing machine-shrinking machine etc

                      (2) Liquid products

                          shampoo, lotion, liquid soap, detergent,juice,solution etc.

                        • Production line for them: RO water treatment – liquid wash mixer- – storage tanks- filling machine-capping machine- labeling machine- conveyor belt- inkjet printer- sealing machine-shrinking machine etc

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                            (3) Make-up products:

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                          1. Lipstick, lip gloss, nail polish, marscara etc

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                              Machines for them:  homogenizer mixer, colliod mill, lipstick filling machine, frezzing machine etc

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                              (4) Adhesive products:

                            • Instant glue, AB glue, silica gel, anaerobic adhesive,silicon, sealing etc.

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                                          Machines for them: double planet mixer, ribbon blender, tube filling and sealing machine, hydraulic distributing machine, cartridge filling machine etc