Mixcore Recirculation Lab Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer is a special specification of MC series vacuum emulsifier for laboratory research and development or small-scale production. Mixcore Recirculation lab Homogenizing Mixer can be customized according to your requirements.

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      Mixcore Recirculation Lab Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer

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                                  MC series laboratory emulsifying mixer consists of emulsification tank, water phase pot, oil phase pot, vacuum system and electrical control system.

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                                              The working principle of the homogenizer is mainly that the powerful motor rotates at high speed to form a vacuum between the rotor and the stator, and the material is sucked in from the upper and bottom of the rotor and the stator. The strong kinetic energy makes the rotor produce higher linear velocity, so that the material will fly out after strong impact, crushing, centrifugal squeezing, liquid layer friction, and strong shear between the rotation and the stator gap, and the action of forces in a variety of different directions Down, produce strong turbulence.

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                                                      Mixcore Recirculation Lab Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer 2

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