Automatic Filling & Sealing Line
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                                    • It adopts the cylinder axis for fast and accurate filling volume.
                                    • Conveyer belt and panel made of stainless steel are durable and clean.
                                    • It’s easy to change and clean the bottles that have different sizes.
                                    • Bottle feeding and positioning are air-controlled.
                                    • Speed adjustable motorcan change the speed freely.
                                    • It is suitable for individual operation and connecting with the production line.
                                    • It adopts the air-controlled positioning which is noiseless and easy for maintaining.
                                    • Bottles that have different sizes can be changed very fast without changing spare parts.
                                    • No-bottle-no-filling deviceis easy for operation.
                                    • The volume can be adjusted at one time. This machine has the features of micro-adjustment, exact capacity and few errors.
                                    • Parts which will contact with the liquid materials are all made of stainless steel #316.
                                    • Simple installation and disassembly, easy cleaning,in compliance with GMP standard.
                                    • The machine adoptsa volumetric piston filling mechanism.

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                                                The system is composed of GS-6B Filling Machine, SGX Screw-cap Machine, Transportation Line, Labeling Machine and Auto-control System.

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                                                              • 1. Filling Capacity: 25ml~125ml
                                                              • 2. Filling Speed: 60~90 bottle/min
                                                              • 3. Air Pressure: 0.8Mpa
                                                              • 4. Gas Consumption: >1.5m3/min
                                                              • 5. Power: 1.5kw
                                                              • 6. Voltage: AC380V
                                                              • 7. Diameter of Bottle:¢≥16mm
                                                              • 8. Applicative Bottle: Cylinder or rectangular in shape
                                                              • 9. Filling Material: Liquid, ointment or cream
                                                              • 10. Volume of Pot: 100L
                                                              • 11. Temperature of Filling Material:<40℃
                                                              • 12. Temperature of Wash Water:<60℃
                                                              • 13. Transmission Speed Range: 8~20 m/min
                                                              • 14. Recommended Ambient Temperature: 10℃~30℃
                                                              • 15. Filling Volume: 50-1000ml
                                                              • 16. Filling Accuracy:±1%

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